check document.write('') additionally declaration, financial documents and accounts allow autobiography draw up on us, and our life is some indication. Allow Tim, you frequently call shops motorcycles, and maybe they are interested in advertising. That, in fact, business information, the telephone company, which in theory, can be sold. Information about we are constantly being processed, based on the form to the address lists mailing advertising (by mail). Some mistakes and abuses of the area has been forced to adopt specific legislation, which is governed ruet use of such databases. In the United States, each available right shall familiarize themselves with certain information about themselves, and learned encourage (in some cases) of the facts familiarity with the information of others. Until such details are scattered organizations, it is to some extent confidentiality guaranteed your personal life, but when all the bases a single data network, computers easily gathered scattered pieces puhloe ments in a single file. And then about credits can be made connect with their office and records of trade transactions, vyst- roiv thus totally accurate picture of all your activities.
With the expansion of business activity to increase in highway and information stored on its governments will have to formulate policy ku aimed at the protection of the data. Implementation of this policy will fall for network administrators, who must not allow doctors zaglya- dyvali tax returns in their patients to public audiences ditory read entries on the educational level and taxpayers something teachers would listali cards medical students. Potential problem in abuses of information, rather than the very fact of its existence.
Now, we uncover our medical insurance cards to the company run, which will decide whether it will insure us to death. Such What can companies interested in the fact whether we are not having quality time crew dangerous enterprises like hang-glider flight and participation in rally is not too much smoke. And whether the right insurance agent browse our record purchases only then to see: there is nothing to indicate our propensity for risk-taking behavior. Can I a future employer to know with whom we communicate and how fun, to draw our psychological portrait? How about you State authorities have the right, the state or the city? What can learn You people that delivers you an apartment? To which reportedly allow future spouse? We will have to work out as legal, and a practical framework for privacy.
All these concerns truly around whether a person is right files on the other. But the highway will allow everyone to own and work-to-Term something like "documented way of life neither. "
Your kompyuter-bumazhnik will fix the time and place to conduct audio and (one day), videos of all, what you are doing. He writes each the word uttered by you, and every word uttered to you, as well as temperature ru, atmospheric pressure and blood, and lots of other data about you and Your surroundings. He will be able to track your communication with line: Ownership dimye team sent messages to whom you are calling and who calls you. It hardly find a better source of information, if you want to keep a diary or write autobiography. If neither it nor the other you not interested, then, at least, you will always find out where and when made a photon Picture, inserted in the digital family photo album.
Complex technology is not required. Soon it will human dut compress to a few thousand bits of digital information per second, and this mean time that the conversation turned into a 1 megabyte digital data. Small cassette, which used to back up infor - mation from hard disks, now untouched for 10 or more gigabytes of data - it is enough to write some 10000 hours of compressed sound. Cassettes for the new generation of digital video recorders will be able to store more than 100 gigabytes, or the only tape valued at several dollars will be able to record all calls, which leads people on pro - tyazhenii ten years, if not a lifetime, depending on how he conversable. My calculations are based, of course, on today's opportunity mozhnostyah and data storage in the future would cost much cheaper. So far, we are talking only about the sounds, but in a few years it came about and then Q polnoskorostnogo video.
Me personally, the prospects of little documented lifestyle fever, but an idea that someone, in contrast, warm. One of the reasons - documentation is a means of protection. Pocket PC can viewed as a machine, creating an alibi, encrypted digital recording provide evidence against false accusations. If anyone in the do you blame, you immediately pariruete: "Sorry, friend, but my life documented. All written to the last bit. And I am confirmed a child that spoke. So do not shuti with me. "On the other hand, if you indeed committed an offense or prevented promah, it is no longer be able to hide. Any leave traces of the crime. Record conversations Ri- Meggyes Nixon in the White House, and then the suspicion that he was trying podme- thread these films have played a role in his resignation from the post of presidential dents. He decided to pursue documented political life, but lived its so that spared of its decision.
The case of Rodney King (Rodney King) demonstrated all the pros and evidence such as video. And soon every police vehicle, even each police officer will be armed with a digital video camera, highlighting the date and location of records so that they can not be forged. And on the record of action Police likely nastoit public opinion. And police likely but it will be "yes" to defend themselves against accusations of brutality and abuse rebleniyah, on the one hand, and it is easier to gather evidence on the other. In some police forces already on record videop- Lencas all arrests. This type of videos affect not only the police. Strate medical insurance from mistakes can be done cheaper or allow only those doctors who filmed video treatment of the whole process: from the ascent rurgicheskoy normal operations until the reception. Bus and taxi com Spain, as well as travel agencies seem interested in good faith sovestnosti their drivers. Already there are good companies that create stopped equipment, recording mileage and average speed. I do not be surprised if a proposal to equip every vehicle, including our with you, not only recording device, but the transmitter, which things would be identified and the location of the car, license plate will leadership. After all, do we put this on aircraft "black boxes". If prices fall on them, why not install them in the car? Here then the stolen car immediately reported to you their location along. A reckless driver while trying to escape after the accident, or the judge would Train hit authorization to the query: "What vehicles were within two blocks from the scene during takogo-to time? "
Highway will change a lot in us and our lives. As I suggested in the the ninth chapter, the greatest gains from the application of this technology, we received Chim in education-formal and informal. Wishing to make its modest contribution, I extend a fee for a book on the support of teachers, adopting computers in school classrooms. These funds (through National Foundation for the Improvement of Education in the United States and analysis logical organization in the world) will help teachers to open schoolchildren new opportunities, as they opened before me leyksaydsky Mothers Club.
Long hours, I conducted for this book. I work a lot, because that love my job. I am not a "workaholic", I love to engage and many other things, but the work is very interesting to me. My main goal - Microsoft updates, keep her on the front lines. A little bit worried about that in the history of computer technology is not yet it was a precedent, when a leader of one era has been able to remain so and other. Microsoft has been a leader in the era of personal computers. Therefore, I understand that history denies Microsoft the right to leadership in the age of informatics mation on the information highway. But I do not want to induce head tradition. Somewhere ahead of us, waiting for an invisible threshold, which crossed, we have gone from an era of personal computers in the era of information small tain. I want to be among the first to him along, when it's time. Trends on which successful companies losing ways ability to update, I believe only a trend, not more. Too focusing on your business, it is difficult to reverse itself and then ner something entirely new.
Personally, I always liked to hire and work with smart people. I nravit- is learn from them. Some of those we now take for work, public razdo younger than me. I envy them: they grew up surrounded by more sovershen- by computers. They are very talented and generate many new ideas. If Microsoft will be able to connect those ideas to the wishes of customers, we has a chance to retain leadership. Then we can still propose imagine more and better programs that will make staff in their computer is a universal tool. I have often said that the less me best in the world of work, and I said this is serious.
I think that occur interesting times. Never before has been so many opportunities to do things that previously seemed merely improbable. Now then, best to open a new case to move forward Science (eg, medicine, which improves the quality of life), not to lose contacts one with friends and relatives. And the good and bad sides of technical progress Press it is very important to discuss as widely as possible to determine its direction delyalo all of society, not just specialists.
That's it and that's it. In the preface, I said that I wish this book begin the dialogue, to draw attention to the opportunities and problems that impact niknut to individuals, companies and the big, whole countries. I hope that by reading this book, you divide part of my optimism and join the debate on how we can build the future.
Regards, sincerely yours, Bill Gates.
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